President of Ukraine Zolodymyr Zelensky held a meeting with representatives of the World Congress of Ukrainians, the presidential website informed on May 21st.

Zelensky thanked the Congress of Ukrainians throughout the world for their fruitful activities.

“I am grateful for you efforts to defend Ukraine wherever you are. You defend the territorial integrity and sovereignty of our country”, said Zelensky.

WCU President Pavlo Grod congratulated the head of the Ukrainian State on his having been elected to the highest post of the country.

“It’ll be very important for our society to know that our meeting has taken place and to tell them everything that you have proclaimed in your speech – that we are one people of 65 million and we are all Ukrainians no matter where we live”, noted Pavlo Grod.

“Thank you for inviting Ukrainians to return to Ukraine and work to promote her development. We want to do it together with you”, said the WCU President.

During his inauguration speech the newly-elected President of Ukraine addressed all Ukrainians across the world with the following words, “You should go to Ukraine not as guests but to come home. We are waiting for you. Do not bring souvenirs, bring your knowledge and mental values”.