The State Border Service of Ukraine informed this on June 11.

It was noted in the Service’s report that during the second year the visa-free regime was in force the number of travelers went up by 4.2 times as compared with the amount of trips made in the first year. For instance, during the first year the number of Ukrainians who went to Europe on a visit without visas comprised 560 thousand and over the second year their number increased and made up 2.35 million.

Poland was visited by the biggest number of travelers. Hungary and Rumania were also the popular holiday destinations enjoyed by 350 thousand and 245 thousand respectively. Slovakia was visited by almost 226 thousand. According to the report, a great number of Ukrainians preferred to use the services of big airlines: almost a million went abroad by plane.

We’d like to remind our readers that the European Council resolution granting Ukrainians with biometric passports the visa-free access to 30 countries of the European Union and the Schengen Area took effect on June 11, 2017. According to the visa-free requirements, Ukrainian citizens may stay in a country of their visit only for a short term during which they are not allowed to seek asylum or employment which will be a breach of the European legislation. Also, a Ukrainian citizen has to give sufficient proofs to substantiate the purpose of his or her trip abroad. Ukraine had to fulfill as many as 144 requirements in order that the visa-free regime with the European Union to be put into effect. Leaders of the European Union have repeatedly stressed that all requirements have been fulfilled.