At the same time, certain general rules remain in force. For instance, the quarantine measures can be lifted if the average number of the newly registered cases of infection does not exceed 12 persons per 100 000 of the population and hospital beds are filled with less than 50 percent of patients.

In the past twenty-four hours, Ukraine has only 259 new cases of the COVID-19, which is the minimum number registered over more than a month. The press service of the Ministry for Public Healthcare reports that on May 26 there were 21 245 laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases out of which 623 people died and 7 234 patients recovered.

Besides, for the twenty-sixth day the country has been on a coronavirus plateau. This important indication together with the current socio-economic situation has permitted to begin lifting quarantine step-by-step.

As Chief Sanitary Inspector Victor Lyashko informs, Ukraine has passed from the strategy of reduction of the COVID-19 cases to the strategy of containment of the COVID-19 disease incidence. In his words, the number of the coronavirus patients which have been registered daily over the past month shows that the healthcare system is ready to such strategy and is able to handle its challenges.

The authorities began gradually easing the quarantine measures last week. For instance,

– since May 22, sports events were permitted to be held with no more than 50 participants but without spectators; religious services can be conducted though distance between churchgoers must be kept (one person per 10 square meters); city public transport and intraregional transport began to work; hotels (except for their restaurants) opened;

– on May 25, kindergartens and the city subway were opened;

– since June 1, it is planned to open fitness facilities (the attendance of no more than 10 people); secondary schools and universities (with no more than 10 students); and to start intraregional shipping operations;

– since June 10, cafes and restaurants begin working (indoors); cultural establishments will open as well as hotels and hostels;

– since June 15, air traffic may be resumed.

The term of the Covid-19 quarantine has been extended till June 22.

In the meantime, scientists of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute have presented the computer modelling of how the coronovarius pandemic will develop in Ukraine. According to their prognosis, the first wave of the infection will finish by the end of September. But already in October-November, the second wave may begin.

In the photo: The Kyiv metro resumed work on Monday, May 25. Only passengers in facial masks are allowed to enter. There has to be a distance of a meter and a half between passengers. In case of too big crowds, the entrance to the metro stations will be closed.

The newspaper Holos Ukrainy