At the same time, he noted that his country may need much more than just a diplomatic concern of its international partners.

Zelenskyy admitted that they are ready to support Ukraine financially, impose more tough sanctions and pass strict resolutions against Russia. “It is correct and necessary. And Ukraine is sincerely thankful for all this. However, our citizens should know what else the world is ready to do. How and what exactly are you ready to do if someone tries again to ignore the existing borders in the center of Europe”, asked Zelenskyy.

According to the President, Ukrainians need clear signals that their country, which for the eighth year of war has been shielding Europe at the cost of their lives, will get support of not just partners speaking from the rostrums but actual support of the players of one team, directly in the field, standing with them shoulder to shoulder.

The video address of Volodymyr Zelenskyy preceded Putin’s annual State of the Nation address to the Federal Assembly which the Russian leader made the next day, on April 21. Some politicians and analysts believed that during his speech the Kremlin leader could declare the beginning of a full-scale aggression against Ukraine. But Putin said nothing about Ukraine and Russian troops on its border. He traditionally accused the West of some “provocations” against the Russian Federation threatening with a severe answer. The head of the Kremlin mentioned “red lines” that Moscow would set. He added, “I hope that on one would even dare to think to cross such a read line. As to where it will pass, we will decide in each concrete case”.

Yuri Butusov, a journalist and an advisor to the Ukrainian Defense Minister, commented, “Nothing has happened because everything has already happened”. He continued to say, “Nothing has been said because everything has been already done.

Putin did not declare war on Ukraine. But he did not say a word either about the inclusion of Donbas in the composition of the Russian Federation. He did not do that because Putin has been waging war in Ukraine without any declarations, because Putin has been using Donbas as an instrument of constant military pressure on Ukraine within it”.

Iryna Herashchenko, a legislator and the co-head of the parliamentary faction “European Solidarity”, holds an opinion that Putin did not mention Ukraine in his speech because he is looking forward to a summit meeting with American President Joe Biden. In her words, Putin’s key goal is “not only to return the Russian Federation to the world club of players but to have new relations with the United States which will help finish the construction of the Nord Steam-2. That’s why he builds his game in such a way that action and rhetoric are two parallel stories”.

“And although the theme of Ukraine has not been raised, it can be read between the lines of that section of the address which deals with international affairs”, Herashchenko believes.

The Ukrainian legislator said, “There were many phrases that can be interpreted as threats. Take for instance such statements as ‘Russia has enough patience, responsibility and professionalism to pass any decision; only Russia will determine red lines’. And here’s another one ‘organizers of provocations will regret that Russia does not want to burn bridges but in case of need the answer will be symmetrical and quick’. In fact, these are nothing else but threats, the saber-rattling”.

Ex-Foreign Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Ohryzko shares the opinion of Iryna Herashchenko. The former minister stressed, “Putin’s threats, his promises of an adequate strict answer are not new. It is a traditional aggressiveness of the Kremlin. But the West has to make clear that he is not in power to set any red lines at will and then threaten for their violation”.

The newspaper Voice of Ukraine