Some of these are banned by Article 6 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, and they include sexual crimes. According to Ukraine’s ombudsman Lyudmyla Denisova, there are dozens and dozens of cases where women, girls and boys, men and elderly people were raped. 

There’s even a baby among those who suffered the violent acts of occupants. The hideous crime became public thanks to social networks. The rapist who introduced himself on camera as Alexei Bychkov filmed a «hell of a video», as he put it. The occupant uses an eyelash brush to rub it between the baby’s buttocks, then licks the brush and strokes his face with it. The baby is heard to be crying. 

In his appeal to the Lithuanian Parliament on April 12, President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed that the crime was committed by russian serviceman from Pskov by the last name of Bychkov. “It’s frightening even to talk about it now, but it actually happened. This person is already identified, he is russian trooper Bychkov from Pskov, an Airborne Troops fighter or Special Force serviceman. He sent videos of what he did to the baby, how he mocks it. This is the russian trooper, protector of children. This is the special operation that they planned in Moscow. This is the story of a fight for «russian world», Zelensky said. He added that «Russian propagandists must have begun to justify these actions, saying nothing like that ever happened, and even if it did, it was to protect oneself». «Maybe, russian defense minister would like to invite such Pskov paratroopers to his house to protect his children and grandchildren? Doesn’t he want that?», Zelensky concluded. 

Other video by Bychkov were found in social networks, too. The man serves in military unit No.64044 in the suburbs of Pskov, which is now at war with Ukraine. The occupant is also known for filming his genitals and posting these videos.

Another scary story surprised the Ukrainian society that has been withstanding the assault of the russian army of rapists and marauders. A man deceased in Vorzel settlement, Kyiv region, after the occupants mocked and raped him. Anatoliy Fedoruk, the mayor of Bucha that is located near Vorzel confirmed that. The raped man worked as a guard of Orlyatko, the children’s sanatorium. «He’s already dead. After all that mockery, he could not cope with it and died», Fedoruk said. The official added that the occupants are surprised and mad at the quality of life of Ukrainians. «One of the [russian] troopers talked to his mom or girlfriend, and I heard that over the fence. «Can you believe it? They have WCs in their houses!», he said”, Fedoruk concluded. According to him, these non-humans from russia stole a lot of stuff, too. «They looted houses and apartments. They took used washing machines, carpets and coffee makers. On April 1, I went to Hostomel and I could see a convoy that retreated under fire of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and it was destroyed. I saw these washing machine and stuffed in the cars that burned down. They are marauders; they loot our settlements and kill civilians. They act like an horde, and if they face no punishment, they will go on». However, Fedoruk says, he saw the red glow in the vicinities of Demydove and Ivankiv, where the Ukrainian army attacked the occupants who retreated. «They got what they deserved», he said.

Ombudsman Lyudmyla Denisova calls the sexual crimes against Ukrainians an act of genocide. «It actually is the genocide of Ukrainian people. When they rape our children, they say: «We’ll do it so that you can never give birth to Ukrainian Nazis again», she says. During the briefing for foreign reporters, the ombudsman claimed: «I already told the story of 25 women, aged from 14 to 25 who were raped in a basement in Bucha. Nine of them are pregnant. A 14-year-old girl who was raped by five occupants is pregnant now. Her mother turned to us, asking: «What do we do?» The doctors do not recommend the rape victim to have any surgeries to cease pregnancy. There’s another story of a lady that moved from the occupied territory to Poland. «It’s too hard for a lady to keep in her mind that she’s going to gove a birth from the occupant, from the one who kills people», Lyudmyla Denisova says. 

According to the Ukrainian ombudsman, she gets a lot of calls and messages about sexual crimes of russian occupants in Ukraine, but «most of the ladies don’t want their stories to become public», so only a small share of stories of sexual assaults and murders of raped Ukrainian woman is currently known of. 

In just one day, 53 persons reached the ombudsman’s hotline, asking for psychological assistance as they were raped by the russian military, and only three of them allowed the media to publish their stories and the details of these crimes against them. One of these was a story of a 25-year-old Ukrainian and her 16-year-old sister who the occupants raped right in the street. «Three bastards, Denisova said. «Two of them raped the girl, and the third one held her 25-year-old sister steady. She kneeled and begged: «Do it with me instead». But they replied: «No, that’s what will happen to every Nazi whore». There are a lot of such cases, it’s a massive thing». 

Another documented case is the assault against the pregnant 16-year-old lady and her 78-year-old grandmother. According to Lyudmyla Denisova, they were raped together. One more victim of sexual assault committed by a russian soldier lost her child. A woman from Bucha lost her twins due to the shock she survived. She turned to the Office of the parliamentary envoy for human rights and claimed that she lost her children when the occupants shot people in front of her. «Sexual crimes that lead to infertility are an act of genocide of the nation. We cannot define the actual number of such crimes now, but they are massive. We face the evidence of such crimes every day. This is a genocide», Lyudmyla Denisova says.

Photo from open sources