The Russian leadership is seeking revenge after the complete defeat of the former Soviet Union in the Cold War. The Kremlin does not want to accept the role of a second-rate state in the multi-polar world and therefore is trying to establish “a new world order”.

Their hopes are illusory and it is quite obvious. Analysts predict that Moscow which is getting exhausted is doomed despite the country’s enormous natural resources. Because of the weakened economy (Russia rates 21st in the planet), the Russian Federation is unable to compete with such economically strong states as the USA and China.

Currently, different political forces in the Russian Federation have failed to come to a consensus concerning the country’s future. Thus, liberals oppose the government’s official policy which has led to American and European sanctions that affect interests of Russian oligarchs. On the other hand, advocates of Bolshevik ideology who regard social issues as the first priority strongly criticize the pension reform that calls for the retirement age hike. As a result, the Euroasians who speak in favor of closer ties with China become increasing popular in the present-day Russia.

Thus they propose to unite China and Russia in a “New Horde” which does not belong to the Western civilization. Moscow analyst Andrei Devyatov writes the following about the future of such “family”: “The New Horde will become a Great Euro-Asian Union around the People’s Republic of China”.

Devyatov believes that the Genghis Khan Empire was the “First Horde” while the “Second Horde” is identified with the Stalin conquests in the Second World War. By the way, Moscow’s postwar satellites in the Southeast Asia can by right be added to the “Second Horde” the territory of which equals to that of the Genghis Khan Empire. And finally, the current “Third Horde” embraces the countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Founded in 2001, the SCO includes India, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, China, Pakistan, Russia, Tadjikistan and Uzbekistan.

The unbiased observers describe this organization as a discussion club because it favors bilateral cooperation deals. However, national diversity and different political interests do not add to its vitality. So, it is doubtful that the Russian Federation will become the leader of the Eurasia.

Although the Russian analyst hopes that the “new world order” will be established by Russia together with China, current tendencies of the world economic development as well as those of Russian development do not corroborate his prognosis. As far as its economy is concerned, Russia can be compared to the Czech Republic and Finland. The present-day Russian social and cultural sectors prove to be outdated despite achievements attained in the past at the expense of the enslaved people.

Besides, it is unclear how the Putin Russia could be considered an example for other countries to follow. After all, it is the country of “the first person” whose activities contradict democratic foundations of government accepted in the civilized world because his will dominates over the Law of the State and international law.

A question arises at this point: how could such a “new world order” exist in the 21st century?  It is not a secret that the “first person” of Russia more than once has radically changed his views about Ukraine. At first he recognized the inviolability of Ukrainian State borders and later called our country “a deficient state”. He has likened the Ukrainian people to the “Kyiv junta” and at the same time he has occupied a part of our territory and now ignores the blame of the international community. This “person” rejects without any reason international agreements concluded by his predecessor and approved in accordance with international legal norms. In other words, the “new world order” fashioned in compliance with the Kremlin patterns are nothing else but a global bacchanalia or the arbitrary rule of the “first person” sitting in the Kremlin.

Using the Horde approaches to the solution of international issues, Russia recognizes the law of brutal force rather than the force of law.

Now one cannot but ask: So, where is currently the “Third Reich”?