The head of Ukrainian Parliament put special emphases on much needed steps that the international community may take to promote the settlement of the armed conflict in Donbas and the liberation of eastern Ukraine and the Crimea.

“We are sure that the overwhelming majority of countries seek peace as does Ukraine. And you are well aware of difficult conditions we are in. By saying this, we mean not only the present-day economic situation but also a major challenge our country and the whole world face today. This challenge is the struggle for territorial integrity and independence. Regrettably, we are at the forefront of this struggle. However, with your support we’ll be able to pass that not easy road. I am sure of that”, said Dmytro Razumkov.

According to Speaker Razumkov, the changes that are taking place in Ukraine are a result of team work of all branches of power. “Today we have been given a great credit of trust and opportunities. Everyone can see the efficient work of the current Verkhovna Rada. Within the last 50 days, as many as 69 laws have been passed. I’m sure we’ll continue working hard in the future as well”, promised Razumkov.

The Ukrainian Speaker has assured foreign diplomats of Ukraine’s readiness to deepen cooperation with international partners on the basis of bilateral and multilateral diplomacy. “We’ll be grateful for the consultative, informational, economic and international support of the diplomatic establishments that operate in our country”, stressed Parliament Speaker Razumkov.

For his part, Ambassador of Montenegro to Ukraine, Mr Ljubomir Mišurovic, who is the Doyen of the diplomatic corps accredited in Ukraine has thanked the Ukrainian party for hospitality and said that a series of ambitious reforms that have been launched in Ukraine prove to be not easy for any country to accomplish. At the same time he has assured the Ukrainian side of the readiness of the international community to support Ukraine in her efforts to stand up for her independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty.